Gmail Tips

gmail logoI am a Gmail power user.  I use labels, labs, IMAP and all kinds of tweaks to personalize my email experience.  Even so, I learned a bunch of neat tricks from this post, “Top 10 Clever Tips Built Right Into Gmail,” by Lifehacker.  My favorites are:

#5 – Sort Gmail messages by size and get rid of data hogs.

#3 – Access Gmail when it’s down.

#2 – Set Gmail as your default email client.

If you use an iPod/iPad/iPhone for your Gmail, you may also be interested in:

#4 – Set up Gmail on iOS like it was meant to be.

What’s your favorite Gmail feature/tip/trick?

Highlighter Tool

HighlighterHave you ever been reading an article online and wished you could highlight a passage?  Even better – share the highlighted portion with friends?  Awesome Highlighter lets you do just that in several different colors!  After you highlight text/pictures on a web page, you can add a note or just click done. (There is a 2000 character limit.)  Next, you are given options on how to distribute this information, including creating a short link automatically, emailing, copying to clipboard, or sharing via social media sites.  The parts you’ve highlighted are the only ones that show up on the share.  How cool is that??